Multiple open positions at Intermodalics for Roboticists (Jr/Sr) - drones - perception - navigation

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From Peter Soetens via ros-users@

Since our previous email to this list, 6 roboticists got hired, we need more !

Intermodalics creates software for robots. We're based in Belgium, Europe.

We're a young team of engineers that could convince many companies and organisations world-wide of making industry-grade reliable robotic systems out of open-source software. We create software for autonomous drones, 2D/3D perception and autonomous navigation and manipulation.

Do you want to work in a team of Ubuntu/ROS/PCL programmers and get your hands on the most advanced robotic hardware and software world-wide ?

Then please have a look on our jobs page: and apply at Intermodalics !

At Intermodalics, we believe that you should enjoy what you do. For us, work is about having fun, being challenged, and finding balance. We define our success based on both the quality of the work we deliver, and the quality of the lives we lead. 

When you work at Intermodalics, you will help solve problems on the edge of what is possible. You will have time to take space from difficult problems, to mull things over in the shower, and to think deeply about your work. We focus on making the right decisions and on the quality of our products.

Intermodalics is creating software for robots world-wide, get in touch with us to learn more!

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