ROS Spotlight: Stanley Innovation

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At Stanley Innovation we are engineers who build robots for fun and are eager to solve difficult hardware, software, and electrical problems for mobile robotics solutions.  We love creating turn-key robots for commercial and university researchers and our primary goal is to have you spend more time working on your killer app, and less time tinkering with hardware.


Stanley Innovation is a robotics engineering company headquartered just north of Boston, MA, USA--an area renowned for robotics innovation.  Our company was founded by former Segway engineers who were part of the development team for the embedded software and hardware for the new Segway┬« RMP (Robotic Mobility Platform).  We specialize in solution development for robotics and embedded systems with all the necessary equipment in-house. We have a very close and very unique relationship with Segway that allows us to continue the development of RMP and provide end customers with customized solutions using RMP technology.

RMP platforms are the most robust mobility platforms on the market because they leverage the years of experience and millions of dollars that were poured into the Segway Personal Transport; RMPs include the same safety architecture and the same reliability.

Stanley Innovation is a Segway Technology Integrator and Reseller. We are also the creator and exclusive provider of the RMP V3 systems which enables the full ROS Stack integration across all of the RMP platforms.

ROS has become the preferred operating system for robotics research and development. If you want to use these two amazing components together, then you will need Stanley Innovation as your sole source provider for V3 RMPs.


Please feel free to visit our Stanley Innovation Resources page where Spec Sheets, User Manuals, URDF and CAD model files can all be downloaded from the Stanley Innovation website. 

Stanley Innovation has also created and maintains ROS libraries and information about the V3 RMP lineup in the ROS Wiki.

Click here to see a brief video of our ROS Robotic products in action

Click here to see an example of a ROS enabled autonomous, 3D mapping RMP, integrated by Stanley Innovation

Contact Stanley Innovation by email or phone:

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