Middlesex University intro to ROS summer school

From Nick Weldin

Middlesex University is running a one week Intro to ROS summer school 4 - 8 July in London, UK.

This is a practical introductory course in ROS, we will cover what ROS is, the way it works, and how you use it to control robots. We will start with the basic command line tools to get ROS running, and checking whats going on.

You will will learn how to use turtlebots to make maps and autonomously navigate around them. We will look at the basics of the Baxter Robot and how what you have learnt about ROS with one robot can be immediately applied to a very different robot.

We will cover the basics about writing code to work with ROS, and look at using simulation so you can carry on working on things once the course is finished and you may not have immediate access to a robot.

More details are available at http://www.mdx.ac.uk/courses/summer-school/courses/introduction-to-robot-operating-system

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