New Package: micros_swarm_framework, a ROS-based framework for swarm robotics

From Yanzhen Wang via ros-users@

This is an announcement for microsswarmframework, developed by Xuefeng Chang in our group (the micROS Team, microsswarmframework is a ROS-based programming framework for swarm robotics. It is motivated by the rapidly increasing volume of research effort devoted into multi-robot systems and swarm robotics, and the design choice of API is largely enlightened by the Buzz programming language Its goal is to facilitate ROS users in developing applications of robot swarms, by providing essential mechanisms, such as abstraction of swarms, swarm management, various communication tools, and a runtime environment, within the standard ROS ecosystem.

Currently, it is completely compatible with ROS indigo and presented in the form of a C++ library. Many additional features will be added in the future to make the framework more user-friendly and powerful.

Documentation can be found on ROS Wiki: Source code for the framework and demos in the Stage simulator can be found on GitHub:

Hope you enjoy! Comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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