New Package: rqt_launchtree An RQT Plugin for Launchfile Hierarchy Inspection

From Philipp Schillinger via ros-users@

I created a new rqt plugin for launch files which might be of interest for some of you: rqt_launchtree

It lets you navigate through the hierarchy of included launch files, shows entries such as nodes, params, or arguments and has a keyword search throughout the hierarchy. Furthermore, you can directly open any included file for editing.

In contrast to rqt_launch, it is not meant to execute any nodes. Instead, the focus is on the hierarchy and providing an overview of the system configuration described by a root launch file. You won't have to open launch files just to check what they include anymore and you will find the file you are looking for much easier.

It is available on github:

You can find more detailed and further information in the wiki. Please let me know if you miss some information.

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