Matthieu Amy et al. Adaptive Fault Tolerance on ROS: A Component-Based Approach

Continuing our series highlighting ROSCon 2016 talks. We present Matthiew Amy talking about how to build fault tolerant systems. He first covers the theory and then goes into specifics for how to make ROS systems robust.



Every system evolves during their operational lifetime. A system that remains dependable when facing changes (new threats, failures, updates) is called resilient. We propose an approach to safety and adaptive fault tolerance taking advantage of Component-Based Software Engineering technologies for tackling a crucial aspect of resilient computing, namely the on-line adaptation of fault tolerance mechanisms. We will show how this approach can be implemented on ROS and explain some implementation details and the result of different experiments to validate the solution. We will also discuss the how we can use checkpointing technologies to make the ROS master crash-tolerant



ROSCon 2017

If you're interested in more information like this ROSCon 2017 is coming up! The call for proposals is currently open as well as registration.

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