ROSCon 2017: SROS: Current Progress and Developments -- Ruffin White (University of California, San Diego) Gianluca Caiazza (Ca' Foscari University, Venice)

Looking foward to ROSCon 2018 we're highlighting presentations from last year. The ROSCon 2018 registration is currently open. As well as the Call for Proposals.

Ruffin and Gianluca give an update on SROS progress since last year.



Introduced last year was a proof-of-concept implementation of SROS, an addition to the ROS ecosystem to support modern security. This talk will provide an update on developing REPS, with further details on proposed mechanics enabling application layer security for ROS. This includes Hardening APIs via full server/client validation, Standardized Policy Profile Syntax for access control of topics, services and parameters, and Integrated Policy Profile Autogeneration via auditing security log events. You'll gain a greater familiarity of SROS, its inner workings and direction, enabling you to contribute and provide feedback for the effort to secure robotics subsystems for the future.


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