common 0.6.0 released

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common-0.6.0 has been released. This is mostly a maintenance update to do the planned removal of the yaml-cpp package in favor of the yaml_cpp package introduced in 0.5.0. Below is the full changelist.

Major changes

  • yaml-cpp has been removed (use yaml_cpp instead)

Minor changes * actionlib * Removing deprecated version of SimpleActionClient::sendGoal. This only affects users who register a doneCallback when calling sendGoal * Shortened names of the python and C++ SimpleActionClient wait* calls * Switched internal references of deprecated ros::SingleSubscriberPublisher::getSubscriberCallerID to getSubscriberName * Shortened wait* method names in the python action client * waitForActionServerToStart and waitForGoalToFinish are now waitForServer and waitForResult. #3059 * Moved actionlibtutorials out of common and into rospkgtutorials * xacro * Added xacro.cmake file that exports new xacroaddxacrofile() macro, #3020


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