robot_model 0.6.4 and simulator_gazebo 0.6.1 released

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simulator_gazebo 0.6.1

simulator_gazebo 0.6.1 has been released with some patches to fix bugs in include guards. This release adds custom callback queue for the remaining of the plugins in gazebo plugins except for sim time publisher. GazeboRosF3D plugin now broadcasts both force and torque acting on a body using the WrenchStamped message.

Other changes:

  • removed joint force plugin

robot_model 0.6.4

We just released the 0.6.4 version of the robot model stack. Much like the last release of simulator_gazebo 0.6.1, this release changes how we deal with the world link in a tree. The robot state publisher no longer ignores the world link when it publishes to tf. The urdf package also got a visualizer tool to visualize the robot tree.

Other changes:

  • urdf
    • add visualizer tool for urdf tree
    • root link is always optional, not only when it is called "world"
    • fix bug where sphere init always fails
  • robot_state_publisher
    • Also publish the transform from the root link to its children
    • Only warn once when the tree that is provided contains fewer than two segments.
  • kdl_parser
    • add check_kdl_parser tool to verify parsing of urdf file
  • convex_decomposition:
    • add unzip as dependency


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