New ROS repositories: dfki-sks-ros-pkg, isr-uc-ros-pkg

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DKFI Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems at the University of Bremen in Germany has created the dfki-sks-ros-pkg repository, which is open source with a BSD license. They are currently providing a driver for the Leuze rotoScan ROD-4 laser rangefinder.

Institute of Systems and Robotics at the University of Coimbra in Portugal has created the isr-uc-ros-pkg repository, which has a collection of packages with a BSD license. In addition to support for the iRobot Rooma, they have contributed a wifi_discovery_node. The wifi_discovery_node uses the experimental foreign_relay package to enable multi-robot communication over wireless. This node is available as a separate download, or you can checkout the entire repository.

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