ROS 3D Entries: Quadrotor Altitude Control and Obstacle Avoidance

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Thumbnail image for 3Dturtle.jpgPatrick Bouffard's "Quadrotor Altitude Control and Obstacle Avoidance" was featured back in December, when he first made waves on the Internet by mounting a Kinect to a quadrotor and flying it around his lab. The Kinect was used to detect the altitude as well as avoid obstacles.

Patrick has updated his video for the ROS 3D contest. He has also released starmac-ros-pkg, which contains the software used in his Berkeley lab to get these quadrotors in the air. starmac-ros-pkg includes ROS drivers for Vicon motion capture systems as well as an abstraction of the AscTec autopilot driver. It's a great complement to ccny-ros-pkg, which provides AscTec quadrotor drivers, computer vision libraries, and other tools.

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