Nao Robot Stack Update

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In Nao related news, Aldebaran is having an open house during National Robotics Week in Boston on the 11th of April and in Chicago on the 12th. Also for those who already have a Nao, the Nao Robot stack has been updated to version 0.3.

Announcement from Armin Hornung to ros-users

Dear ROS (and Nao) users,

I'm happy to announce the release of version 0.3 of the "nao" stack
( Along with many bugfixes and
improvements, it is now compatible to ROS cturtle and diamondback with
NaoQI 1.6-1.10. The packages were restructured with all messages now in
nao_msgs (more general and Nao-independent ones are in
humanoid_nav_msgs) for cleaner dependencies. The new nao_tactile node
allows access to Nao's bumpers and touch sensors (thanks to Stefan
Osswald), and a new base_footprint frame enables a better compatibility
with existing planning methods (thanks to Daniel Maier). For a complete
changelog, see:

The source package release is available at:

or via source checkout from Freiburg's ROS repository:

Best regards,

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