Tend.ai: World's first robotic controlled 3D printing solution

From Mark Siliman

Robotic startup Tend.ai, which just came out of stealth mode today successfully built the world's first fully automated 3D printing system controlled by cloud robots.

One robot fully automates ten 3D printers in the video. The prints are boxed and pushed down a conveyor belt. Any 3D printer can be used, and Tend.ai's artificial intelligence "reads" (OCR) the printers' displays as well as pushes the buttons just like a human would.

Tend.ai allows you to train, control and monitor most collaborative robots from any device (e.g. your mobile phone) without any technical expertise. Tend.ai automatically monitors the state of all machines and optimally executes them.

Tend.ai utilizes ROS in the cloud to control, train and monitor suites of robots from any device. Thanks to cloud computing, standard webcams (< $100) can be used for the vision system.

Tend.ai can tend most machines without any modification or networking.

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