The ROS workshop at M-CAIT 2016 - in Hatten Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia on 23rd August 2016

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Recently, ROS (Robot Operating System) has been increasing in popularity around the world and rapidly becoming a de facto standard for writing interoperable and reusable robot software. It provides libraries and tools to help software developers and researchers create robot applications. ROS is being used for many of the world's most exciting and capable robots, such as in industry and entertainment. Besides, developers can learn and gain access freely to the comprehensive developer community and support forum.

The ROS workshop at M-CAIT 2016 will primarily talks participants how to use ROS in their robotics research and development works. Both simulation and with real robot namely Turtlebot will be used to gain some hands-on experience on the ROS. The workshop is designed for beginners and professionals providing basic and intermediate concepts of how the ROS works such as autonomous robot navigation for SLAM, visualization and programming. Thus in this case no previous research or ROS experience is required.


Academics, research students and engineers at all levels who wish to learn about Robotics Operating System (ROS). Students and researchers involve in computer vision, controlling system and robotics especially in autonomous navigation, will find this workshop helpful.


  1. Introduction and overview to ROS
  2. Using ROS simulation
  3. Using ROS on Turtlebot for SLAM
  4. Understanding ROS programming framework


This is a hands-on robotics workshop focusing from the basic to intermediate ROS levels. Participants will get presentation slides, ROS software and its tools.


The audience is expected to bring a notebook and 8GB USB flash drive for hands-on experience.

In order to make the most of your time at M-CAIT 2016 ROS workshop, it is necessary to come to the sessions prepared and ready to start. Please download the following software or information:

However, everyone should feel welcome to attend regardless of whether or not they have ROS installed for themselves.

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