ROS Summer School in China 2016, July 22-28


In 2015, the East China Normal University organized the first ROS summer school in China, Shanghai, providing a quick and in-depth learning opportunity for both ROS beginners and advanced ROS users. Now in 2016 the event is happening and we're happy to present the ROS Summer School in China 2016 sponsored by East China Normal University in Shanghai.

According to the organizers:

Robot companies in China have realized the importance of ROS and began building their robot products using the meta operating system. However, learning the ROS framework and its associated components involves a quite a few multidisciplinary concepts, which not only requires developers to have software programming skills, but also to be familiar with robot hardware and even understanding the background of specific industrial applications.

Below is the outline of the program.

  • Day 1. Academic research talks and tutorials.
  • Day 2. Representatives from industry share their experiences on application development using ROS.
  • Day 3. Some introductory ROS courses for beginners.
  • Day 4. Learning how to integrate ROS with mobile autonomous robots.
  • Day 5. Some advanced topics in ROS.
  • Day 6. The topic in computer vision.
  • Day 7. Lectures in SLAM.

ROS training is something we all should be interested in and it seems to be pretty hot in China recently. The fact that the Robot Operating System gains adepts benefits us all so if you happen to be in Shanghai this July, register for the event and stop by the East China Normal University to learn more about ROS!

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