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ros.org is still coming online as I write this. We hope that this site will become an online hub for the ROS community. Much of the content is driven by you, our users, whether it be the content on the Wiki or the software that you're writing and releasing with ROS.

Things are a bit sparse right now as we get all of our systems in place, but here's a tour of what you see right now:

  • Documentation: Current ROS users will probably recognize the ros.org Documentation Wiki -- we've moved the old wiki to this site so that it would have an easier-to-remember URL. We also removed the non-ROS content and purged much of the out-of-date content. In the coming weeks we will be honing and refining the Wiki here to provide you better and easier-to-find information.
  • Browse Software: You can use this experimental interface to search for ROS software. We are currently indexing all of the various ROS open source repositories on the Web.
  • News: As we release more ROS Stacks, expect to find the release announcements here.

Find this blog and more at planet.ros.org.

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