5th ROS Meetup in Korea!


Here's another piece of good news, the ROS community keeps spreading in Asia. Particularly in South Korea where ROSCon 2016 will happen. According to Yoonseok Pyo:

The 5th ROS Korea users seminar & meetup event was held on 16-17 July 2016 at Seoul National University, Korea. The ROS Meetup is designed for beginners of ROS. So we have a time that how to use the ROS such as SLAM and navigation using mobile robot, manipulation using manipulator and MoveIt!.

The first day, we learned the concepts of ROS and basic programming using ROS. The second day, we had a time that how to use the SLAM, Navigation and 'MoveIt!' using mobile robot and manipulator. We had an exciting time over the two days with ROS. https://github.com/robotpilot/ros-seminar

The schedule of the event:

[The first day 8 hours]

  • 01 Introduction to Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • 02 Hello World
  • 03 ROS Basic programming
  • 04 Various development tools of ROS (Command line tools, RViz, RQT)

[The second day 8 hours]

  • 05 Analysis of 8 years
  • 06 SLAM and navigation for mobile robot
  • 07 robot arm modeling and How to use the MoveIt!
  • 08 Three key features of ROS 2.0

For the past year, we have been an effort to expand the ROS in Korea and Japan. We love ROS, and we think that ROS is the future of robotics and will open the market in the service robotics area!

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