DUO3D Stereo vision integration into ROS

From Alexander Popovich

I'm happy to announce the ROS integration of the DUO 3D stereo sensor by Code Laboratories. The DUO is an ultra-compact imaging sensor with global shutter and a standard USB interface for ease of use and connectivity. The DUO is intended for use in research, autonomous navigation, robotics and industrial areas. The camera's high speed and small size make it ideal for existing and new use cases for vision based applications.


The DUO MLX solution consists of:

  • Factory Calibrated Stereo Camera
  • Industrial Grade Monochrome/Global Shutter Sensors
  • Integrated Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Temperature (6 DoF IMU)
  • Fully Programmable Active LED Array (3xIR 850nm High Power LEDs)
  • DUO SDK License
  • DUO Dense3D License
  • USB Mini-B Cable

You can find the ROS driver wiki page here: http://wiki.ros.org/duo3d-driver For more information about DUO sensor please visit product page at: https://duo3d.com

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