ROSCon 2017: ROS.NET Unity for Multiplatform applications -- Jordan Allspaw and Carlos J.R. Ibarra Lopez (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Looking foward to ROSCon 2018 we're highlighting presentations from last year.

Jordan Allspaw presents ROS.NET as a way to integrate with managed .NET applications to communicate with ROS.



We introduce ROS.NET, a series of C# projects that allow a managed .NET application to communicate with traditional ROS nodes, we then present a wrapper for it that allows Unity applications to integrate with ROS. Unity is a game design tool which can be used as a 3d rendering engine and a physics engine. We present two applications of combining ROS and Unity, one in the form of a ROS Virtual Reality engine, usable for robot visualization and control, and another in the form of a Project Tango device driver, which can also be used for visualization and control, and which we plan to augment for 3d scanning and reconstruction.


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