From Bert Willaert via ros-users@

Since its inception, Intermodalics' journey has been an amazing trip in a varied landscape. We're solving problems for high-end industries worldwide and for small businesses in our vicinity. Yet both are depending on extremely reliable robotic solutions. Numerous technologies are part of these solutions: 3D vision and reconstruction, 3D robot simulation and collision checking, real-time robot control, man-safe robotics, fieldbus deployment or large scale communication networks. Solving today's robotic challenges requires a creative and multi-disciplinary approach. This is exactly what we love in a project.

See our jobs page for more information:

Also, the entire Intermodalics team will be present at ROSCON in Hamburg. We are looking forward to meeting interested candidates there! 

ROSCon 2015: sold out, and live streaming

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For the first time, this year we have sold out registration for ROSCon!

Due to the capacity limit on the venue at University of Hamburg, we
can't accommodate any more registrations.  We will *not* have on-site
registration this year.  If you haven't received an email confirmation
of your registration, then we won't be able to admit you to the event.

If you're interested in ROSCon but weren't able to register, you still
have options for enjoying the event:

* Thanks to generous sponsorship from Qualcomm, we're live-streaming
all the ROSCon talks, free of charge.  Closer to the event, a link to
the streaming site will be posted here:

* As in previous years, we will post videos of the ROSCon talks after
the event, free of charge.

* We are maintaining a waiting list, which is being processed as slots
open up; if you'd like to be added to that list, send email to

Thanks for all your support, and we're looking forward to a great ROSCon 2015!

- your ROSCon 2015 Organizing Committee

Thanks again to our Platinum Sponsors: Canonical / Ubuntu and Fetch Robotics!
And our Gold Sponsors: 3D Robotics, Bosch, Clearpath Robotics,
GaiTech, Magazino, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Rethink Robotics, ROBOTIS,
Robotnik, ROS-Industrial, Shadow Robot, SICK, and Synapticon!
From Clearpath Robotics:

Modern factories and warehouses need to be reconfigurable, responsive, and efficient to survive. Designed to address these conditions, OTTO uses the same underlying self-driving technology popularized by the Google self-driving car.  The system delivers dynamic and efficient transport in increasingly congested industrial operations.  Traditional material handling systems require costly and rigid changes to infrastructure, cannot adapt to a changing environment, and are not safe for collaboration with warehouse personnel.  OTTO does not rely on external infrastructure for navigation, making implementation hassle-free and highly scalable.  It can transport 3300 lb loads at speeds up to 4.5 mph, while tracking along optimal paths and safely avoiding collisions.

"North American manufacturers are constantly under pressure to find new ways to gain an edge against low-cost offshore competition. Traditional automation is saturating.  But what about the more complex tasks too difficult or expensive to automate?" said Matt Rendall, CEO and Co-Founder of Clearpath Robotics.  "We created OTTO to reinvent material transport and give North American manufacturers a new edge."
Applications for OTTO include moving pallets in a warehouse or cross-dock, and for kitting or assembly line delivery.  OTTO units are currently deployed in five test facilities, the first of which belonging to GE.

ROS Gentoo Status

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From Allen Hunter via ros-users@

thought I would take a moment to update you all on the current status
of ROS Gentoo (Woot).

Namely, the location of the overly has moved! It is now located at
ros/ros-overlay as opposed to allenh1/ros-overlay. The wiki has been
changed to reflect this move.

Also, as a neat side-note, Gazebo is working!

Finally, an ebuild was created for the most recent release of wstool.
From Paul Bovbel via ros-users@

As part of a summer hack project at Clearpath Robotics, I've released a ROS package [] wrapping the VRPN client library. This package provides support for exposing information on VRPN Tracker devices (pose, velocity, acceleration data) into ROS. 

We've tested it in house with VICON and OptiTrack mocap systems - please keep in mind that neither system exposes velocity or acceleration data over VRPN. Any feedback, bug reports, or validation is greatly appreciated!

A list of VRPN supported devices can be found here []

ROS at Robot Launch 2015

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It was great to see all the different pitches at Robot Launch 2015 Finals

You can see the results announced on twitter here

We're proud to say that 1/3rd of the Robot Launch startups used ROS.

The Construct won the "Industrial Robotics Award" sponsored by Siemens as well as the "Readers Pick"

And Luvozo won the "Robot Launch ROS Award" sponsored by Clearpath Robotics.

Another ROS company,Erle Robotics, also earned an honorable mention.

MoveIt! website changes

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From Sachin Chitta via ros-users@

The MoveIt! webpage has been moved to use github-pages, thanks to help from MoveIt! user Praveen Singh. This makes it easier to maintain (the old webpage setup based on Wordpress was outdated and broken). 

As a result of this move, the old MoveIt! wiki no longer exists. We do have a backup of it and can move information over if needed. The documentation in the Wiki was outdated, so please let me know if there's particular parts of the Wiki that should be ported over. A redirect has been added for

If you are willing to contribute tutorials and documentation (or anything else), PRs are welcome against the relevant github repo:

wstool/rosws updates

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From Thibault Kruse via ros-users@

the latest release of wstool (1.6 -> 1.9.1) provides some minor improvements I'd like to advertise.

- 'wstool info' provides more information about (git) branches and remote state
- There is a new 'wstool foreach' sub-command that allows to execute shell scripts inside all or selected repositories (similar to vcstool's 'custom' command)
- manpages and bash/zsh completion scripts are also packaged
- 'wstool set ... --update' updates new / changed repositories

Thanks to Kentaro Wada for the initiative and coding effort.

The complete changelog is available at

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