From Konstantin Zhukov via ros-users@

I'd like to announce OrSens - portable stereo-camera calculating depthmap onboard, so you can get depth and RGB streams via USB at 30FPS.

Here is the ROS wiki page for more info:

Here are the repositories:

Here's the website:

Our team is working on deep integration with ROS and on providing some ready-to-use computer vision solutions.
We ourselves use the camera in our device for blind people, with ROS-powered software.

We hope that our work could be useful for the community.

From Matt Lamping of Intelligrated

There is quite a lot of interesting development activity with robotics in warehousing and logistics field.  Intelligrated is a premier leader in this space and is looking for Software Engineers with Robotics/expertise to support our expanding robotics research and development group.   If you are interested in pursuing an exciting career that combines computer vision, robotics, software engineering, and automation, then this R&D is the opportunity for you!


Intelligrated offers a rewarding career path, comfortable work environment, competitive compensation, and excellent benefits.

You will collaborate with the members of the robotics development team on the integration of motion, vision and perception based robotics solutions. This position is located in St. Louis, Mo and is an excellent opportunity for a motivated and creative software engineer to be a part of multiple exciting robotic based development projects that include integration of robotic motion, vision and simulation to be used in material handling systems.



Develop real time motion planning algorithms and vision based perception systems for use in robotic software solutions for material handling systems

Develop new functionalities as well as maintain the current code

Follow rigorous design control methodology and write concise requirements specifications, architecture specifications, and design description, verification plans, and test cases.

Developing software applications to work with the simulations to emulate actual production rates to prove system functionality

Work concurrently with robotic design engineers, controls engineers and other software engineers as designs are being developed and finalized Performs unit testing of software and assists in the verification and validation process.

Manages schedules, meet and adhere to development goals.

Provides planning and status information to project manager.


2-3 years of experience in software development in a real-time operating system environment in C/C++ preferred. Will consider entry level candidates based on educational background Practical and/or theoretical knowledge of any of the control of multi degree of freedom robots, Kinematic and Dynamics of robotic manipulators, trajectory generation and path planning, or real-time operating systems.


Must have a strong working knowledge of programming and design relating to computer vision algorithms and machine learning.

Experience with ROS, QNX, Ubuntu, Multi-threaded and multi-process programming desired Experience with TCP/IP networking desired Experience developing test procedures and testing modules desired Excellent communication and documentation skills.


Experience industrial robotics or material handling (logistics) industry a plus.

Master's or PhD level in electrical engineering, computer science, or related field.


EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Intelligrated(r) (<>) is a leading North American-based, single-source provider of intelligent automated material handling solutions that drive distribution and fulfillment productivity for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world. Through a broad portfolio of automation equipment, software, service and support, Intelligrated solutions optimize processes, increase efficiency and give businesses a competitive edge.

Intelligrated designs, manufactures, integrates and installs complete material handling automation solutions including conveyor systems, sortation systems, palletizers, robotics and order picking technologies - all managed by advanced machine controls and software. Solutions include industry-leading Intelligrated-manufactured Alvey(r), RTS(tm) and IntelliSort(r) brand equipment and Knighted(r) warehouse management (WMS), warehouse control (WCS) and labor management software.

Every project is backed by Intelligrated's 24X7 multilingual technical support and access to lifecycle service through a network of national, regional and local service centers. From concept to integration to lifecycle support, Intelligrated automation delivers distribution and fulfillment success.

Software engineer at Yujinrobot Seoul, Korea

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From HyungRyul Kim via ros-users@

Yujin Robot Co,.Ltd is looking for talented 1) framework developer and 2) frontend application developer to build next generation of service robotics system!

Yujin Robot is one of leading service robotics company always exploring the future of service robotics in real life like iClebo, cleaning robot, and GoCart, meal transportation system.

Also check out what we have done from these videos!

You will be given freedom to do things your own way, however this will require you to be highly self-organised while still being able to ride with the team. This scope will also give you the opportunity to influence and expand your role depending on the operations' success.

Software Framework Developer

the software framework developer will focus on design and development of core software framework that manages collaboration of multiple robots and IOT platforms

* Key Roles & Responsibilities
- Software framework for multi robot operation development
- Integration with other platforms like IOT

* Requirements

- Master's degree in Robotics, Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Computer Science or a related field - or - Equivalent years of experience
- Proven software development skills
  - Proficiency in C/C++ or Python
  - Code development under linux
  - Experience with version control systems
- Good writing/reading/speaking english

* Desirables
- Comfortable using Git with GitHub/Bitbucket
- Programming skills across multiple languages
- Experience managing team software or a large software project
- Experience in designing components of a large software project
- Experience with ROS
- Experience in open source

Frontend Application Developer

* Key Roles & Responsibilities
- Development of web introspection application for multi robot framework operation and single robot control
- Development of user-side application for robotics service

* Requirements
- Bachelor's degree in Robotics, Computer Science or a related field - or -Equivalent years of experience
- Web application development skill - javascript, CSS, HTML5, nodejs

* Desirables
- Comfortable using Git with GitHub/Bitbucket
- Programming skills across multiple languages
- Experience in open source development
- Experience in Android and Qt development
- Knowledge of Web backend/Database/Frontend development

To apply

Send all documents to Note that technical research personnel(?? ?? ??) position is also available.

- Tell us why you are the right one for the job (i.e. cover letter or personal statement)
- Your Resume
- code examples (link to online repositories preferred)

You can also check our job posting. (Link)

Official Docker Hub repo for ROS and Gazebo!

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From Ruffin White via ros-users@

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that ROS now has an official Docker Hub repository for ROS images [1].

You may remember earlier this year I asked the ROS community if there was any interest in starting such project [2]. Well, a few months and an OSRF internship later, OP is here to delver!

The official repository has been up for some time now, and it seems word has already gotten around as the project currently has +1000 downloads (and I know that wasn't just me), but I waited on announcing this until I had a bit of documentation and tutorials to go with it. So I'd also like to point out the Docker section that has been added to the ROS Wiki [3].

Another thing to add is that I have done the same for the Gazebo community as well, so if you'd like to start building your cloud based simulation clusters or quickly play with the latest version of Gazebo, v6.0, regardless of the dependencies you may not have installed on your workstation, you can download the official Docker Hub image for Gazebo [4].

The available ROS tags include supported distros, both Jade and Indigo, along with a hierarchy tags based off the most common meta-package dependencies:
  • ros-core: barebone ROS install
  • ros-base: basic tools and libraries (also tagged with distro name with LTS version as `latest`)
  • robot: basic install for robots
  • perception: basic install for perception tasks 
The rest of the common meta-packages such as desktop and desktop-full are hosted on automatic build repos under OSRF's Docker Hub oginsanal profile [5]. These meta-packages include graphical dependencies and hook a host of other large packages such as X11, X server, etc. So in the interest of keep the official images lean and secure, the desktop packages and perhaps more will just be hosted with OSRF's profile.

And as another plug for ROSCon 2015 [6], I'll also be giving a short presentation on this topic:
ROS + Docker: Enabling Repeatable, Reproducible, and Deployable robotic software via Linux Containers. So if you'd like to meet up and talk about shipping software containers in robots, I'll see you there.

If you have any technical questions feel free to ask on with the tag "Docker", give me a ping @ruffsl, and feel free to help me flesh out the wiki docs!

Special thanks to OSRF for making this possible,

Modbot is Hiring

Hi ROS Users,

My name is Daniel, Co-founder of Modbot IncModbot is hiring across multiple disciplines inclusive of experienced C/C++ engineers with ROS experience (and Gazebo). Please apply or forward on to any friends with backgrounds below:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical/Power Systems Engineering
  • Embedded System Engineering
  • Electronics Engineer
  • PCB Designer
  • iOS/Android Software Programmer
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) Programmer
  • Web Application Software Engineer
  • FEA/Simulation Engineer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • 3D Designer
  • Sales Manager

We are growing rapidly and looking for experienced engineers to apply. We are an exciting fully funded startup company based at the incredible new Pier 9 facility in San Francisco. There is no time or opportunity better than now to join a fast paced exciting and challenging company such as Modbot. Be a critical part of the whole product life cycle for our upcoming public launch. See here for further details:

About Modbot

Modbot is the ultimate robot building block placed into the hands of everyday inventors. Inspired hobbyist, academics, students and industry professionals can implement their creative technology projects with our innovative modular robotics platform. Using our integrated joints, links and development platform, new ideas can be fashioned faster, simpler and more creatively.

Modbot will provide high quality low cost automation solutions to the industrial sector that enable manufacturers to setup complete automated production lines on the Modbot platform. The platform is simple to setup, easy to configure, easy to program and highly extensible.

Report from first ROS Summer School in China

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The 1st ROS Summer School in China was held on 23-26 July 2015 at Shanghai. It attracted over 200 participants. This event was organized by Intelligent Robot Motion and Vision Laboratory (directed by Dr. ZHANG Xinyu, in East China Normal University and co-organized by a robotic startup company AIC-Robotics (


This summer school arranged 8 invited talks delivered by the industrial companies and 17 lectures given by ROS experts. 166 master and Ph.D. students from 48 universities and research institutes, and more than 50 developers and ROS users from the industrial participate this four-day event.

The organizers would like to give special thanks to the following lecturers: Dr. CHEN Ling (Shanghai University, Shanghai) Dr. PAN Jia (The University of Hong Kong) Mr. SHE Yuanbo (AICRobotics Team, Shenzhen) Mr. LIAO Xinyi (Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an) Mr. LI Jin (KODA, Shanghai) Mr. FU Guohe (East China Normal University, Shanghai)

and the following enterprise representatives: Mr. WANG Xinjun (Shanghai Gaitech Scientific Instruments Co. Ltd.) Mr. GUO Gaihua (INMOTION, Shenzhen) Mr. LU Jing (Omakr Robotics, Suzhou) Dr. ZHENG Yousheng (AVIC JiangXi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group, Nanchang) Mr. LI Zheng (Hi-Robot, Shanghai) Mr. ZHANG Hao (DORABOT, Shenzhen) Mr. XIAN Linbo (WXYZTech, Wu Han) Mrs. WANG Wei (LEEMAN China, Beijing)

Please check out the official website for the photos

From Sachin Chitta via ros-users@

Save the date for the first MoveIt! Community Meeting happening online on Sept. 3 at 8 AM PST. Confirmed speakers include:

  • The State of MoveIt! - Sachin Chitta
  • OMPL - Mark Moll, Lydia Kavraki (Rice University)
  • ROS-Control - Adolfo Rodríguez Tsouroukdissian (PAL Robotics)
  • ROS-Industrial - Shaun Edwards (SwRI)
  • Team VIGIR at the DRC - Stefan Kohlbrecher (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
  • MoveIt! based Implementation of an I-AUV - Dina Youakim, Pere Ridao, and Narcis Plaomeras (University of Girona)

If you have used MoveIt! on an exciting project or robot and would like to present your work to the community, please don't hesitate to email me at by August 11, 2015.

A final agenda and details on how to take part in the meeting will be sent out next week.

roslint update

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From Mike Purvis via ros-users@

roslint has been updated to the newest versions of its underlying linters, pep8 and cpplint, thanks to some work by Alex Henning. Version 0.10.0 has been released into Indigo and Jade and will be available in shadow shortly. Relevant PRs:

If you are the maintainer of one of these roslint-using packages, be aware that this change may result in new lint warnings on your package. Especially if you use the roslint_add_test macro to run the linter as part of a package's unit tests, you may want to grab roslint 0.10.0 from shadow so you can verify packages in advance of the next sync.

If you're not currently a roslint user, but develop (or maintain) ROS packages, consider integrating roslint. We use it on a bunch of our internal software at Clearpath-- having stuff linted upfront is great for making code review about the real design and implementation issues, and not about style.

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