ROS 0.10 Stack Updates: common 0.7.0, navigation 0.6.2, simulator_stage 0.9.1, simulator_gazebo 0.5.0

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In conjunction with the ROS 0.10 release, several ROS stacks have been released with compatibility updates and other changes.

common 0.7.0

The common 0.7.0 release introduces experimental python versions of both the ActionServer and SimpleActionServer. The API for the code mirrors that of the stable C++ code, so you should expect a fair amount of stability at the API level there, but the code is only lightly tested so there are bound to be some bugs to flush out. This release also fixes a number of deprectation warnings introduced by ROS 0.10.0.

  • Adding a blocking call for sending goals (actionlib::SimpleActionClient::sendGoalAndWait). This feature is still unstable & experimental
  • Added a shutdown method to the actionlib::SimpleActionServer allowing users to explicitly tell the server to shutdown
  • No longer relying on header.stamp fields to autofill with ros::Time::now() (in both C++ and Python).
  • Fixed race condition in C++ client causing spurious "Tried to create a handle to a list elem with refcount 0" errors
  • Created a Python action server and simple action server, mirroring the functionality of the C++ [simple] action server. This feature is still unstable & experimental.
  • Adding explicit copy constructor and equals operator to ServerGoal

navigation 0.6.2

navigation 0.6.2 is a patch release that has some minor bug fixes and gets rid of deprecation warnings that came along with ROS 0.10.0. There is also a patch to robot_post_ekf that fixex a crash when the covariance is zero.

simulator_stage 0.9.1

The simulator_stage 0.9.1 release switches simulator time message type from roslib::Time to roslib::Clock.

simulator_gazebo 0.5.0

The simulator_gazebo 0.5.0 release has some minor bug fixes and switches simulator time message type from roslib::Time to roslib::Clock. Additionally:

  • player CMake variable fix
  • reworked contact feedback messages.
  • fix LD_LIBRARY_PATHs for setup.tcsh and setup.bash


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