geometry 1.0 released!

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We're glad to announce the first full release of geometry. The geometry stack provides important libraries in ROS, including the tf coordinate transform library, as well as ROS wrappers for the popular Bullet physics engine and KDL kinematics and dynamics library.

This release does mark the removal of several previously deprecated functions and methods. However, the APIs that are released are stable and the 1.0 series will be supported with patches in the upcoming ROS "Box Turtle" distribution.

Major Changes

Full changelist

  • Lots of new documentation on the wiki at tf
  • transform_sender has been replaced with static_transform_publisher, which has the same functionality.
  • New helper functions in "tf/transform_datatypes.h" for working around Bullet deprecations
  • New exception tf::InvalidArgument can be thrown for bad arguments. It inherits from tf::TransformException. This is used for things like unnormalized quaternions which would produce nan results.
  • tf::remap() methods have been deprecated. Replace them with tf::resolve() or tf::TransformListener::resolve().
  • Deprecated functions have been removed:
    • All tf::Stamped methods have been removed, there are drop in replacements supporting datatype tf::StampedTransform. This includes variants of lookupTransform(), data converter methods, setTransform(), and sendTransform()
    • tf::Stamped no longer has a child_frame_id field
    • MessageNotifier has been removed.
    • TransformListener::canTransform() with timeout has been removed, use waitForTransform() instead.
    • transformStampedTFToMsg()
    • transformStampedMsgToTF()
  • The topic "/tf_message" is no longer valid. If you are using bag files it is recommended to rebag them remapping the topic to "/tf". Playback can be remapped each time with "/tf_message:=/tf" on the command line. Please see the full changelist for a migration script for bags.

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