Monday 1.0 releases: vision_opencv, image_common

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To update on our ongoing process of 1.0 releases, two more stacks were released with the 1.0 label today:

  • vision_opencv 1.0
  • image_common 1.0

In order to prepare for upcoming 1.0 releases, many of the ROS stacks have been undergoing release updates to do final integration checks and ensure compatibility across stacks. We expect to see several more of these types of releases as we prepare release candidates for the remaining 1.0 stacks. Although these releases contain new functionality and patches, we recommend waiting to update as many of these stacks will soon be reaching 1.0 status. The new releases include:

  • camera_drivers 0.3.1
  • driver_common 0.2.2
  • imu_drivers 0.3.1
  • joystick_drivers 0.9.4
  • laser_drivers 0.3.0
  • pr2_simulator 0.2.7
  • simulator_stage 0.10.2
  • simulator_gazebo 0.6.10

There was also a minor update to physics_ode to add a dependency on the 'ros' stack:

  • physics_ode 1.0.1

Here are links to the change lists:

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