visualization 0.5.0

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visualization 0.5.0 has been released. This release includes the new rxbag_plugins package, which provides visualization plugins for the new-in-ROS-0.11 rxbag tool, as well as a number of rviz bugfixes.


  • Fixed crash when loading old configs that had a top-down orthographic view (r26030, #3358)
  • Fixed Marker display memory leak which caused rviz to constantly increase in memory usage in certain situations (r26166, #3364)
  • Now validates input messages and discards those with nans/infs (r26286, #3360)
  • Fixed "Panels" menu checkboxes to be correct at startup instead of all-checked (r26611)
  • Fixed crash caused by laser scans/point clouds arriving in their separate thread and accidentally causing a GUI change in that thread instead of the GUI thread (r26639, #3422)
  • Added rxbag_plugins which contains message viewer plugins for the rxbag visualization tool


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