STDR Simulator v0.2 released

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From Manos Tsardoulias 

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that the current version of STDR Simulator is 0.2! The changes compared to the v0.1.3 follow:

  • Several bugs were fixed
  • Code was refactored
  • Lidar resources were added
  • Added support of:
    • RFID tags and Readers
    • Thermal sources / sensors
    • CO2 sources / sensors
    • Sound sources / sensors

Special thanks to Sergey Alexandrov and Scott K Logan for code contributions.

Our future plans:
  • Make the sensor measurements more realistic
  • Add simulated battery in robots
  • Detection of robots footprint via other robots' distance sensors
  • Add a simple physics engine
It would be excellent if any of you would like to contribute either by code developmentissue reporting or features request!

The STDR team.

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