Lasers, anyone?

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We're happy to announce that SICK has donated hardware to OSRF for the ROS community to use in testing and development. We're now the proud owners of one each of the following laser scanners: TiM551, LMS111, and LMS511.

tim551.jpg lms111.jpg lms5xx.jpg

This generous donation was motivated by SICK's longstanding commitment to robotics, combined with their desire to see first-class support for their sensors in ROS. The LMS series is best known for providing reliable LiDAR data in tough conditions including the DARPA Urban Challenge and Boston Dynamics' LS3 AlphaDog. The TiM is a smaller version designed for great performance with low power consumption in indoor or outdoor environments.

The sensors are available for loan to members of the ROS community who want to use them for testing and development, and especially for improvement of the ROS drivers and associated tools. If you'd like to borrow one of these devices to try it out in your project, please let us know:

Thank you to our friends at SICK, and we look forward to even more robotics applications that are enabled by SICK sensors and ROS software!

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