navigation 0.6.3 released

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navigation 0.6.3 has been released. This release contains the standard bug fixes and patches and also adds some features to the costmap_2d package that begin to make it more compatible with SLAM systems. There is still a bit of work/testing to be done to allow easy integration of the navigation stack with a SLAM system, but look for the next few releases of navigation stack to add additional capabilities, culminating with the 0.7.0 release of the stack. I'm planning on getting the 0.7.0 release out sometime in mid to late January. In the meantime, please treat the additions to the costmap_2d package as experimental as they are fairly untested.


  • Removed use of deprecated rosbuild macros.


  • Added API for having a map coordinate frame that is different from the simulator coordinate frame.


  • Fix bug where nodehandle.getParam was used instead of nodehandle.pararm
  • fix test launch files to have names as required for ROS 0.11


  • The costmap now publishes information about what cells are unknown
  • Fixed a bug where the voxel version of the costmap was not retaining unknown space correctly when reset to the static map.
  • Built support for changing maps into the Costmap and Costmap2DROS objects. See the updateStaticMap method of the Cosmtap2DROS object.
  • Added support for copying only a window of a costmap. See the getCostmapWindowCopy method of the Costmap2DROS object.
  • Changed the default value for the min_obstacle_height parameter to be 0.0m from 0.05m.


  • Added a parameter that allows the user to configure whether or not navfn should consider unknown space as traversible.
  • Updated navfn to work with costmaps of changing size


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