Brown ROS packages now ROS 1.0.0 compatible: Improved Camera Support! Simpler Teleop!

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We're pleased to announce that all of the packages within the Brown Ros Pkg collection have been updated for ROS-1.0.X compatibility. The Brown automated install script has also been updated to reflect these changes as well. This update should fix any problems caused by using the (formerly) 0.9.0 release with an updated roscore.

We encourage anyone interested to visit brown-ros-pkg . We currently have a driver for the iRobot Create, a basic driver for the Aldebaran Nao, and some basic vision packages.

Additions and improvements include:


A ROS webcam capture node new to this release. Probe leverages Gstreamer, making it compatible with almost every Linux camera and video system available. In addition Gstreamer's software video processing can be used to emulate advanced features (e.g. white-balancing) even for cameras that don't have the appropriate v4l hardware support.


A simple keyboard-based teleop interface inspired by teleop_base. It's only dependencies are on the necessary geometry messages.

As always, we're interested in the communities feedback and suggestions.


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