ROS 1.0.1 Released

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The ROS 1.0.1 patch update has been released. This contains several patches, but no API changes. If you are using ROS 1.0.0, it is recommended to update.

Change list

  • rospy: fixed bug in service generator with transitive dependencies (#2378, r8077)
  • roscpp
    • Fixed bug where XmlRpcValue parameters were accidentally being cached when they shouldn't be (#2381, r8089)
    • Fixed bug where param::get()/NodeHandle::getParam() of XmlRpcValue parameters would always return true after the first call, even if the parameter didn't exist (r8091)
    • Fixed a crash on shutdown involving popping off an already-empty list (r8132)
    • Fixed bug in UDPROS XML/RPC exchange so that the subscriber receives the publisher's side of the connection header information (r8265)
  • rosmake
    • Fixed log directory permissions ticket
    • Fixed typo Exception/Exceptoin (#2377)
    • more verbose error on rosdep failure
  • roswtf: removed reference to netifaces, which has been disabled (r8152)
  • test_msgs: reworked layout to not confuse roswtf (r8154)
  • rossrv/rosmsg: fixed issue with field type resolution (r8191)
  • roslaunch: better error message on unrecognized tags inside of <node> tag (r8296) and better error message if another master is running (r8309)
  • rostest: creation of .ros directory fixed to use parent permissions (r8303 r8304)
  • roslisp message generation: added type specifiers for fields and made them immutable. If you update to ros 1.0.1, you also need to update in the ros_experimental repository.
  • rostopic: bug fix to -p option when printing empty fields
  • rosgraph: better suppression of /clock when using -q option with rxgraph
  • roswtf: better error message when connection to master lost during graph checks (r8420)
  • rosbuild:
    • Updated to use hashlib instead of deprecated md5 (#2385, r8128)
    • Fixed bug with cached build flags when moving packages (#2459, r8453).
  • rosdep.yaml: added missing Boost packages for Ubuntu 9.04
  • rosdep : improved robustness to invalid packages (#2406, r8250).

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