Robots Using ROS: i-Sobot

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ROS is starting to gain traction in Japan thanks to some dedicated early adopters and community-based translation efforts. Last year, the ROS Navigation stack was ported to Tokyo University's Kawada HRP2-V robot, and now it's finding use with hobby robots as well.

ROS libraries are designed to be small and easily broken apart. In this case, a small use of ROS has led to the claim of "smallest humanoid robot controlled by ROS." As the video explains, ROS isn't running on the robot. The i-Sobot is hooked up to an Arduino, which talks to a PC, which uses the ROS PS3 joystick driver. We're always thrilled to see code being reused, whether it's something as big as the ROS navigation stack, or something as small as a PS3 joystick driver.

The video and demo was put together by "Ogutti", who has been maintaining a Japanese blog on ROS at Most recently, he has been blogging about using the Care-O-bot 3 simulation libraries.

In addition to Ogutti's Japanese ROS blog, you can go to to follow the progress of the Japanese translation efforts for the ROS documentation.

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