Unstable releases: common_msgs 1.1.1, image_pipeline 1.1.0, vision_opencv 1.1.0

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Several stacks have transitioned to 1.1 unstable development branches: common_msgs 1.1.1, image_pipeline 1.1.0, and vision_opencv 1.1.0. These are unstable development releases: it is recommended for users to keep using the 1.0 branch in Box Turtle. Our stack version policy describes our general development model for stable and unstable releases.

common 1.1

The primary part of this release is the addition of the nodelet package. There was discussion on the ros-users mailing list earlier about how this can be used as an optimization. If you are interested please take a look at the documentation or code. Feedback is always appreciated.

image_pipeline 1.1

The major new features are in stereo_image_proc. It takes advantage of improvements to the OpenCV stereo block matcher, particularly to reduce fringe artifacts at edges. For comparison, the reference implementation of stereo block matching (on which OpenCV's was based) can be used instead, but they should now give roughly the same results. stereo_image_proc now advertises a separate point cloud topic using the new and improved PointCloud2 message type.

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