ROS 1.1.8 released, feature frozen

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ROS 1.1.8 has been released. This is the feature freeze release of ROS. Future releases in the ROS 1.1.x series will be bug-fix only, and ROS 1.2 will be based on the features and APIs of this release. Now that ROS is feature frozen, we encourage developers to test integration with ROS 1.1.8 and report any problems you find. This release should be backwards-compatible with ROS 1.0, though we have removed APIs that were deprecated in the ROS 1.0 release.

To report bugs, please use the ROS issue issue tracker.

This release focused on new features for rosbag and rxbag, as well as new APIs for rosbuild, new std_msgs/Time and Duration msgs, and a rosclean tool for easily removing log files. Please see the full change list for more details.

The SVN tag will will be using for testing the ROS 1.2 release candidates is:

We will soon be releasing an alpha version of ROS C-Turtle, so please stay tuned.

-- your friendly neighborhood ROS development team

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