First development release of orocos_toolchain_ros: v0.1.0

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On the heels of the Orocos RTT 2.0 release, Ruben Smits from KU Leuven has announced the first version of the new-and-improved Orocos/ROS integration

Hi orocos-dev, orocos-users, ros-users,

A first version of our Orocos/ROS integration is ready in the form of the orocostoolchainros stack.

The stack is available at:

  • released version:
    • tarball
    • svn: svn co orocos_toolchain_ros
  • developers version: svn co orocos_toolchain_ros

The stack contains all of the Orocos Toolchain v2.0.1 except for the autoproj build system. The orocos_toolchain_ros stack contains patched versions of orogen and utilmm to automatically create ros packages instead of autoproj packages for the automatic typekit generation for c++ classes.

On top of the Orocos Toolchain v2.0 this stack contains:

  • rtt_ros_integration: This package contains the following:
    • The ros-plugin: this RTT plugin allows Orocos/RTT components to contact the ROS master
    • CMake macro's to automatically create Orocos/RTT typekits and transport plugins from .msg files
  • rtt_ros_integration_std_msgs: This package shows how the CMake macro's have to be used, it creates the Orocos/RTT typekits and transport plugins for all roslib and std_msgs messages
  • rtt_ros_integration_example: This package shows how the rtt_ros_integration should be used from an Orocos/RTT user/developer point of view. It contains a HelloRobot component which can be contacted using rostopic echo

And last but not least the stack also includes the rtt_exercises package for Orocos/RTT new-commers.

The orocos_toolchain_ros stack itself still remains undocumented, I'm currently working on that, but documentation on the Orocos Toolchain can be found via: http://

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact the orocos-users, orocos-dev or ros-users mailing list.

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