New REPs posted: REP 3, Target Platforms, and REP 10, Voting Guidelines

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NOTE: for discussion, please use the ros-developers list

REP 3: This REP defines target platforms for each ROS Distribution Release. We define platforms to include both operating system releases (Ubuntu Lucid) as well as major language releases (e.g. Python 2.5). The target platforms represent the set on which all stable, released stacks are expected to work. Exceptions can be made for stacks that are intentionally platform-specific.

REP 10: REP 10 outlines the ros-developers voting guidelines. These guidelines serve to provide feedback or gauge the "wind direction" on a particular proposal, idea, or feature. They don't have a binding force. REP 10 is a direct copy of PEP 10 by Barry Warsaw. The Author field of this document has been updated to reflect responsibility for maintenance.

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