ROS Diamondback Beta Release

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A beta release of ROS Diamondback is now available (installation instructions). We encourage users to try this beta release out and report any issues. We also encourage users who were using "unstable" to switch to Diamondback at this time as they are equivalent. We expect a very short beta period before our first release candidate.

The release of Diamondback is currently delayed due to integration of Eigen 3. Eigen 3 has become an important library in the robotics community, but it was originally incompatible with Eigen 2. The Eigen developers have been very responsive in introducing backwards compatibility modes, and we've determined that it would be better integrate with the updated library than to attempt to implement custom workarounds.

We still anticipate releasing Diamondback release this month, but we need your help to test Diamondback early and often, especially our Eigen integration. We also request the help of our OS X/Arch/Fedora/Gentoo/OpenSUSE/Slackware community to test integration and installation instructions for those platforms.

Install ROS Diamondback Beta

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