ROS Diamondback Release Candidate 3

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Thumbnail image for diamondback-top-640w.pngThe third candidate of ROS Diamondback is now available! We intend for this to be our final release candidate, so please report any critical issues that you find. We will be focusing on improving source-based install methods between now and the final release.

This update comes with PCL 0.10, which has the stable API that will be used in PCL 1.0. The ROS 3D contest demonstrated many useful applications of PCL with robotics, and we're excited to have this stable release for Diamondback. We encourage users to provide feedback on tutorials and example applications to help guide PCL to its 1.0 milestone, which we are targeting for the ROS Electric Emy release in August.

Thank you to the many users who have submitted patches and bug reports to help improve these release candidates, including (but not limited to): andrewstraw, mdesnoyer, timn, ryohei, snorri, soetens, nbutko, nevion, willylambert, stevenbellens, isucan, gbiggs, atr, rene, bouffard, dthomas, joq, and lorenz.

ROS Diamondback RC3 Installation Instructions

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