POLYRO (oPen sOurce friendLY RObot)

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polyro.jpgTim Payne (aka UglyBuddha) has posted a guide on Instructables for building your own POLYRO (oPen sOurce friendLY RObot) using an iRobot Create, Kinect, Dynamixels, and Logitech QuickCams.

This is an instructable on building a relatively low-cost wheeled robot platform, for developing ROS applications. Think of ROS as an operating system for your robot (providing hardware abstraction, device drivers, libraries, visualizers, message-passing, package management, and more). THIS ROBOT IS NOT PLUG AND PLAY. ROS runs on Ubuntu, so you should feel comfortable working with Linux.

POLYRO is based off of the TurtleBot platform (from the good folks at Willow Garage) and inspired a great deal by Pi Robot (developed by Patrick Goebel). I designed this platform with Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in mind. This is the first of many future iterations, so check for updates to the design. Please keep an open mind when following this tutorial. Many of the parts and tools can be substituted (or purchased for less) and there are many improvements to be made. As always, when working with power tools use the proper safety equipment.

For more information, checkout the writeup at PlasticPals.

Instructables: POLYRO

Thanks PlasticPals

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