OMPL 0.10 released

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We are happy to announce a new release of OMPL, version 0.10. All OMPL users are recommended to update to the new version. It includes the following changes:

  • Windows support
  • Added a primer on sampling-based motion planning and OMPL.
  • Added an implementation of SyCLoP, a new multi-layered meta-planner that combines discrete search with a sampling-based motion planner. Implementations of Syclop with RRT and EST as the low-level planners are provided.
  • Added an implementation of EST for planning with controls.
  • New generic interface for parameter settings for almost anything that is user-configurable. This was done to simplify reading parameters from an input file (see next bullet).
  • New benchmark program that allows one to easily specify benchmark problems with simple configuration files.
  • New state spaces for Dubins vehicles and Reeds-Shepp vehicles. This allows one to use any geometric planner to compute feasible paths for such vehicles. See the demo program demo_GeometricCarPlanning.
  • Added state serialization, deserialization, state space signatures.
  • Added the notion of DirectedControlSampler.
  • Added path hybridization, a technique for combining several solutions to a motion planning query to form a better bath. We also introduced a utility class called ParallelPlan that runs several planner instances in parallel and (optionally) uses path hybridization.
  • Added a more advanced path shortcutting method.
  • Added support for FCL collision checking library. PQP is actually still faster, and is therefore still the default.
  • All versions of EST and SBL use the new PDF class to sample more efficiently from empirical probability distribution functions.
  • Added a wrapper for boost::numeric::odeint to support high-order numerical integration of ordinary differential equations.
  • Added support for multiple solution paths in a Goal datastructure.
  • Added StateSpace::getValueAddressAtLocation() to allow faster indexing in states using state space names.

Point your browser to to download the latest version.

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