New repository for bind NXT with ROS: nxt-lejos-pkg

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Announcement by Juan Antonio Breña Moral to ros-users

Good night,

my colleague Lawrie Griffiths and me, Juan Antonio Breña Moral, are developing a new software to bind a Lego Mindstorms NXT with ROS using the Open Source Project, LeJOS, A Java Virtual Machine for Lego Mindstorms. LeJOS has a rich API based on Java to build Robots with NXT:

This development is an alternative for the current support for NXT with ROS. The main difference between nxt_ros and nxt_lejos is the technology used to connect with a NXT brick. In this case we use LeJOS with ROSJava working together. Besides, we are testing other projects as JavaCV.

Our ROS development is located in the following URL:

Our preliminar roadmap is:

  • SLAM/MCL with Kinect and NXT
  • A new vision API for NXT


Juan Antonio & Lawrie

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