rosinstall 0.6 series released

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Announcement from Tully Foote (rosinstall maintainer) to ros-users

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the work of Thibault Kruse we have released an upgraded version of rosinstall we have bumped it up to the 0.6 series to indicate the significant overhaul. The basic command line usage has not changed.

The following changes have been incorporated:

  • prevention duplicate sourcing and path appending actions in combination with fuerte
  • No recursion into rosinstall files other than those provided with the Command line interface (was defunct anyway)
  • Giving a .rosinstall as a CLI argument is equivalent to giving its folder
  • elements in rosinstall files are checked to be valid folders (files for setup-file)
  • Duplicate path detection improved
  • It is now illegal to have any two SCM entries with overlapping paths
  • rosinstall will now change relative path "uri"s in rosinstall file SCM elements to absolute paths uris
  • Python code is now split up into modular design, allowing proper unit testing and using rosinstall code as library
  • Many more Unit-tests, more code documentation
  • usage of the yaml structure within the code was wrapped in a Wrapper class
  • now parses .rosinstall to generate ROSPACKAGEPATH
  • parallel install, update, diff and stat

If you find problems please submit them at:


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