ROS Fuerte!

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ROSFuerte_poster1.jpgROS Fuerte is now officially available!

With each ROS distribution, we've focused on making great robotics libraries work together easily, and with this release we've made many changes under the hood to make it simpler and cleaner for you to integrate your software into the ROS ecosystem.

ROS Fuerte includes major new releases of Gazebo 1.0 and PCL 1.5, and the core ROS libraries have been rewritten to be standalone: you can now easily use ROS messages in non-ROS frameworks. These standalone messages are made possible by a brand new, CMake-based build system and release toolchain that also greatly improve cross-platform and cross-compilation support. Cross-platform support has also been improved by an RViz port to Qt.

ROS aims to make robotics code more reusable, and this release is a strong new foundation for the next generation of great robotics libraries.

Install ROS Fuerte

Please see the ROS Fuerte page for more information on what's new in Fuerte, how to migrate from Electric, and how to download the release.

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