New Package: libfreenect based Kinect driver

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From Piyush via ROS Users

Hey folks,

After some initial discussion on the ROS mailing list [1], a
libfreenect (OpenKinect) based Kinect driver for ROS has been released
for Fuerte (freenect_stack) [2]. A system install for the stack is now
available. The stack is designed to have the same API as the OpenNI
one, and there is an easy migration guide [3]

The stack has the the following known limitations:
1) It only supports the Kinect [4]
2) It does not support USB 3.0 [5]. In contrast, OpenNI with a bit of
work can be made to work with USB 3.0 [6][7].

I'll continue to maintain the stack. My first priority will be to
include USB 3.0 compatibility, which is something I will work on as
time permits. Almost all high-end laptops these days only have USB 3.0

If you are facing problems with the stack, please report them on the
corresponding bug report page [8].



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