New Package: trajopt trajectory optimization software for motion planning

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From John Schulman at UC Berkley via ros-users@

Hi all,

I'm announcing the release of trajopt, a library for trajectory optimization. More specifically, trajopt is designed for planning collision-free paths for robot arms and mobile manipulators.

Trajopt is built on top of OpenRAVE. You can define your optimization problem in Python or C++ in JSON format and then call the optimizer.

Some highlights of trajopt:
- It's fast. It solves arm planning problems in simple environments in about 150ms (converging to a locally optimal solution)
- It reliably finds collision-free paths, especially with multiple initializations. FWIW it solves 100% (204/204) of problems in our benchmark collection
- It performs well on very high-dof problems, e.g. jointly optimizing over the arms and base of a mobile manipulator, or optimizing over all of the joints of a humanoid robot.
- A wide variety different costs and constraints are implemented. (Pose constraints, velocity constraints, static stability, and more.) You can write your own cost and constraint functions in python or C++.

The technical details are described in a paper, which is linked to on the front page of the documentation.

This code is at an early stage of development. I'd be grateful to hear about any problems, questions, or comments.

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