First Release of the OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros (version 0.1)

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From Lukas Bulwahn on ros-users@

Hi everyone,

Since we kicked off the OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros project in January this year, we have made much progress and are now happy to announce our first release of the OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros. You can download the first release from, or
follow the installation instructions on the ros wiki at

The OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros features
  - a general cross-compilation tool chain for catkin packages,
  - 78 ROS packages, including all ros-comm packages, actionlib, nodelet_core, common_msgs, tf and image_transport,
  - recipes for roscpp_tutorials and common_tutorials as examples for your own tool chain, and
  - all provided packages are Hydro release versions (as set in hydro/release.yaml [4]).

With the OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros, you can
  - define the cross-compilation tool chain for your ROS packages with just a few lines, and
  - build an embedded Linux system with your ROS application by typing a one-line shell command.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, the OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros can be incorporated with the tools, board support packages and infrastructure of the OpenEmbedded/Yocto environment. For example, the OpenEmbedded/Yocto environment provides
  - Board support packages for various architectures, boards, devices and emulators [5].
  - The Hob graphical user interface that enables you to build and deploy a custom OS image easily.
  - The Eclipse IDE Plug-in that integrates the application development and its toolchain into the Eclipse IDE.

The OpenEmbedded Layer meta-ros
  - was tested for architectures arm, ppc, x86, x86-64 and on the Beagleboard and on the Trimslice board, and
  - works with the OpenEmbedded-Core development branch, the Angstrom distribution and the Poky-dylan distribution with some minor patches.

Please report problems and issues to our github issue tracker [1], and follow our mailing list [2] or star the github project [3].

Enjoy ROS on your favorite embedded device!

Lukas Bulwahn, BMW Car IT GmbH



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