New Package: diff_drive_controller in ros_controllers

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From Bence Magyar of PAL Robotics via ros-users@

Hi everyone,

PAL Robotics is pleased to announce the release of the diff_drive_controller that became available in Hydro and Indigo in the first quarter of 2014.

For those who already know it, I'd like to ask you to add your robot(s) to the wiki page with a moderately sized image and name:

For those who are new to it,
For documentation refer to:

As the name suggests, this controller moves a differential drive wheel base. 
  • The controller takes geometry_msgs::Twist messages as input.
  • Realtime-safe implementation.

  • Odometry computed and published from open or closed loop
  • Task-space velocity and acceleration limits
  • Automatic stop after command time-out
The controller will soon support skid steer platforms as well. 


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