New Tutorials: Adding a global path planner as plugin in ROS

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From Anis Koubaa via ros-users@

We have updated the tutorial on adding a global path planner as plugin in ROS. We have added testing using RVIZ.
The general tutorial is available on ROS Wiki site in this link

A more specific tutorial that shows how to add a real genetic algorithm planner is presented in this tutorial page

It is possible to work with other path planning algorithms. We implemented the iPath C++ library that provides the implementation of several path planners including A*, GA, local search and some relaxed version of A* and Dijkstra (much faster that A* and Dijkstra).  More will be added soon on Google Code. 

The iPath library is available as open source on Google Code under the GNU GPL v3 license. The library was extensively tested under different maps including those provided in this benchmark and other randomly generated maps
A tutorial on how to use iPath simulator is available on this link

Credits particularly go to Maram Al-Ajlan (Master Student at Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia) and Imen Chaari (PhD student at Manouba University Tunisia) for their efforts in implementing the algorithms and integration to ROS. 

If you have any suggestions or questions about tools or tutorials, please contact me. 


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