Darwin OP package for ROS/Gazebo available

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From Philippe Capdepuy via ros-users@

Dear ROS users,

We just published 3 packages for simulating the Darwin OP robot on Gazebo (or to use with the real robot but with some extra work):
 - https://github.com/HumaRobotics/darwin_gazebo
 - https://github.com/HumaRobotics/darwin_description
 - https://github.com/HumaRobotics/darwin_control
They have been tested on both Hydro and Indigo, but they probably work for other distributions.

We also provide a user-friendly Python API with walking capabilities.

A quick tutorial and demo can be found here:

Credits also go to Taegoo Kim and Bharadwaj Ramesh for the meshes and original URDF on which this work was based.


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