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We're happy to announce we're now in the Jade Beta! We're a few days behind schedule, but thanks to the hard work of all our contributors we've now got all of desktop-full released into Jade and available on packages.ros.org.

Even though we're a bit behind schedule, we would like to try and keep the original release date of May 23rd (also world turtle day [1] :D). That gives us just under 23 days until the release. We'll keep that date unless we run into a show stopper within desktop-full.

So between now and then I would encourage everyone who is able to:
  • Install `ros-jade-desktop-full` on Ubuntu and test out packages you regularly use.
    • Testing on other platforms is also appreciated!
  • Try out any documentation that you can, including tutorials, package wiki pages, and generated code docs.
  • Continue releasing packages and fill out the gaps between Jade and Indigo where possible.
If you find any issues while testing, please locate the issue tracker (usually on the corresponding wiki page for the package, e.g. wiki.ros.org/rviz) and report the issue there.

Auditing documentation is more challenging just because there is so much of it and searching on the wiki does not always make it easy to find pages with distribution specific content. So to help with this, I've done some special searches locally on the wiki's web server and compiled a list of pages which _may_ need to be updated for Jade:

So if you have time, please look at that list, and do a spot check on any pages that you use or have used in the past. Many of the core documentation pages are absent from that list because I've compiled them separately in a GitHub issue here:

Finally, if you are trying to release a package for Jade and the dependencies are not there yet, please contact the maintainers or ask for help on ros-release@lists.ros.org.

Thanks again to everyone who helped get the Jade beta out (mostly) on time.


P.S. Only ros-jade-desktop is available on armhf right now, we're waiting on an updated set of gazebo5 debs and then we'll have desktop-full on armhf as well. Also, armhf is Trusty only right now.

P.S.S. If you are testing gazebo-ros integration, we are aware of an issue with the launch files and are tracking it here:

A work around is to install `libgazebo5-dev` manually. We hope to have a proper fix out soon.

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