ROS installation for OS X

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From Mike Purvis via ros-users@

Greg Brill and I have been working on establishing a script that can more or less automatically set up a ROS desktop_full install on Mavericks and Yosemite; we'd be glad for a few brave souls to give it a try:

Some key ways in which this differs from the official instructions is that it:
  • uses brewed python instead of system python,
  • uses catkin_tools to build in parallel instead of catkin_make_isolated,
  • requires very minimal and well-documented sudo use, and
  • tries to automatically detect some problematic configurations and provide appropriate prompts/suggestions.
The desktop_full build itself is about 30 minutes; the remainder of the time is spent fetching and building dependencies (especially VTK and Gazebo 5). Total time on most systems should be < 1h.

Our intent is to set up some form of CI which can periodically re-run this setup on a vanilla machine, and thus keep it from regressing, however such a thing is still to come-- this overall procedure is long enough that it's not a good fit for Travis CI.

Bugs and pull requests welcome,

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