Laser Scan Matchers - release

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From Isaac Saito via ros-users@

CCNY's laser-related utility, scan_tools[1], has been in source space
for 5 years since ROS Electric episode. Now it strikes back in the
binary galaxy!

Please see REAME for the installation.

**Those who build from source** are advised to adjust to the way
suggested in README above; recent work changed the way how one of the
depended libraries gets built (*1).

Credit goes to Kei Okada, Carlos Jaramillo for release work, Andrea
Censi for providing help for his CSM library, and Ivan Dryanovski for
the original creation of these ROS packages.


*1...To build one of the included package, laser_scan_matcher[2], its
dependency CSM[3] used to be downloaded and built during the build
time. Upon a trial to conform to ROS buildfarm usage, it's now
separated and released as a "3rd party package"[4].


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